The One-Legged Man Who Changed My Life

I've recently been putting together a book of these tips and while rummaging through my files I discovered what could be called "the original tip". It's a remarkable true story I emailed to some clients many years ago. I was on the final leg coming back from Singapore after talking at a Franchise Summit. Read entire post

How Not to be an Arrogant Fool

There is a famous TV interview with Jimi Hendrix, soon after his jaw-dropping Woodstock performance, in which the interviewer, Dick Cavett, says "You're considered one of the best guitarists in the world". Hendrix shakes his head, looks down at his fingertips in embarrassment and mutters "How about one of the best sitting in this chair". It is a moment of genuine humility. Read entire post

When a Franchisee Calls

What do people in your Franchise Support Office say when a franchisee calls? If part of the conversation is "Don't bother looking at the manual, it's out of date", it may be time to take a fresh look at this highly underrated franchise success tool. Read entire post

Stairway to Multi-Unit Heaven

"All that glitters is gold". Led Zeppelin fans will recognise this as the second line in Stairway to Heaven. However, a single unit franchisee that glitters is not necessarily a golden multi-unit franchisee, as you'll see in the 20 Steps to Multi-Unit Heaven below. Read entire post

The art of scooping poop

"No matter who you are or what you do, if you've got a dog you'll be scooping poo!"
My hairdresser shared this little realisation yesterday as we discussed what a leveller it is to walk behind your dog and perform the scooping ritual. We both laughed. Earlier in the week I had attended a workshop on the work of Milton Erickson, one of the great psychotherapists of the 20th century. I think Erickson would have appreciated our poop discussion because he was a master at using unusual stories and metaphors to help people get a fresh perspective. Read entire post

Avoiding the "Whoops" Factor

We’ve all had those “whoops” moments when we remember what we forgot.  Some slip ups are innocent, like forgetting to buy milk. But in some situations they can be fatal. One of my favourite books is The Checklist Manifesto by the surgeon, Atul Gawande. In it he explains how the number of people dying unnecessarily in hospitals is now decreasing because of a simple, well researched checklist. While checklists are saving lives in hospitals, they can also be used to reduce mortality in business. Read entire post

Avoiding the Curse of Success

It would be fair to say we all seek growth, progress and success in life. But ironically, while we all want to experience success, it often comes with a hidden curse. Read entire post

Increasing Your ROI on Conferences and Meetings

I'm regularly asked for ideas on how to improve the value of conferences. As you probably know these are a huge investment for everyone in a franchise system. Because I've just returned from an excellent client conference, I'm feeling a little inspired to share some thoughts. These are based extensive experience with hundreds of conferences as well as feedback we’ve collected from thousands of franchisees over the years on what they say works for them. Read entire post

Why Holidays are for Wimps

I've just returned from the 10th Organisational Psychology Conference in Perth. A couple of hundred psychologists from around the world came together to share some fascinating research on improving the performance and satisfaction of people at work. A major theme was work-life balance. Because we know work stress is a significant challenge for many franchisees and franchisor executives, I thought I'd share some insights from the conference on this topic. Read entire post

Don't be a Franchise Zombie!

I just watched a zombie movie on the plane. I'm by no means an expert on zombies but it appears, besides attacking and eating people, their most frightening characteristic is an inability to think or feel. They just trudge around mindlessly most of the time. I mention this because many of us occassionally act a little like zombies in how we engage (or perhaps don't engage) with the world. Read entire post

Greg Nathan is a psychologist, author and an international expert on the franchise relationship. Connect with him on Google+ or Linkedin.

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